Interface ElevationCalculator

All Known Implementing Classes:
AdvancedAbstractElevationCalculator, BridgeTunnelElevationCalculator, EleTagElevationCalculator, ForceElevationCalculator, LevelTagElevationCalculator, TagElevationCalculator, ZeroElevationCalculator

public interface ElevationCalculator

calculates elevations using information from MapData and terrain elevation data

Method Summary
 void calculateElevations(MapData mapData, CellularTerrainElevation eleData)
          provides elevation information for all elements in the MapData.

Method Detail


void calculateElevations(MapData mapData,
                         CellularTerrainElevation eleData)
provides elevation information for all elements in the MapData. Implementations of this method need to

mapData - map data without elevation profiles; != null
eleData - terrain elevation data, possibly with points with unknown information; whether null is allowed depends on the implementation